Secret Ingredient - Lavender

Secret Ingredient - Lavender

I've fallen in love with Lavender... again!

My job takes me to many places.  I spend time on the road, hotel rooms, and ultimately terrible sleep patterns ensue.

I know there are many benefits of lavender.  I spend a lot of time educating people on this subject.  Lavender is almost perfect!

It helps you relax.  It really does calm the senses.  Gives you a tranquility if you let it.

Lately I've been so wound up.  I decided I was going to take my own advice.  I need a lavender bath! So my perfect bath is as follows;  Lavender bubble bath, lavender bath bomb, 3 ounces of lavender spa bath salts......soak for 20 minutes.  I made myself take 8 deep breaths in through my nose, hold, exhale through my mouth (I think I heard this from Dr Oz).  Wow!  OK, that worked.  I felt good.

I slept so soundly.  You know, it's been said lavender helps with REM sleep.  The sleep where we dream and it's a deep restful sleep.  So it's no wonder why I fell into a baby like sleep.....ah lavender.

I'd like to encourage you to fall in love with lavender either for the first time or again as I've done.  You won't be sorry.

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