Enfusia's new logo with the Word Mark, Resting Butterfly graphic, and Tagline highlighted

Enfusia's New Look!

Welcome to the new Enfusia.com! We are so happy to have you here after many years of working on our new look. First off, we want to introduce you to our brand new Enfusia Logo!

Our new logo was developed by Abstract Creative in 2017. The new Enfusia logo combines three elements: the Enfusia Word Mark, the Resting Butterfly graphic, and the Enfusia Tagline.

The Enfusia Word Mark is a strong but feminine custom type treatment that marries current trends with landmarks of classic design, resulting in a look that is timeless and sophisticated.

The Resting Butterfly graphic is a truly unique take on the butterfly silhouette. Depicting the butterfly resting on the “i” in Enfusia, this element serves as an invitation for everyone to grab a bath bomb, sit back, and let the world melt away.

The Enfusia Tagline demonstrates our commitment to you to offer products which provide for a beautiful bath experience.

Following the development of our logo, our in-house Creative Team (Edwin Enciso and Miki Harbour) worked tirelessly, developing corresponding graphical elements and our full line of new packaging:

The Butterfly Promise: This symbol signifies our commitment to provide
safe beauty products for all of you through our promise to formulate only
products which are free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and SLS. 



10 cents to fight human trafficking icon 

10 Cents Back: 10¢ from every Soap Bar sale goes to fight human 
trafficking through our donations to Free the Captives, a Houston area
faith-based nonprofit. Free the Captives rescues and restores teenaged
sex trafficking victims by working with law enforcement and providing
rescued victims with support groups, mentoring, jobs, material assistance,
and other direct services.

We are so excited to finally reveal all the new things we have been working on! We hope you will love Enfusia more than ever with our fresh new logo, improved packaging, and new products and scents. Thank you for being our loyal supporters over the years, and we hope to continue to earn your business in the years to come.


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