Redesigning Our Website

Redesigning Our Website

If you're familiar with our old website, you would probably agree that it was long overdue for an update! In this segment we'll be going over some of the changes we made and what led us to make those decisions.

When designing the website, we didn't want to create an entirely new experience that would have veterans of the old website feeling lost. Instead, we used the original website as a reference and built our new site from the ground up in hopes that returning customers would feel comfortable and new fans would be able to dive right in.

Cohesion or having a cohesive brand was one of the major factors for rebranding and our website should be no different. We made sure that all of the elements (like graphics, colors, and images) are consistent throughout the entire brand. The design is a bit simpler but more compelling. There should be nothing to distract from our message.

In this day and age, we understand that you're probably going to want to visit our website on your phone. With that in mind, we designed our website to be responsive; the experience should always be great regardless of if you are visiting the site from your phone or computer.

Overall, the website should feel familiar and easy to navigate. We are hoping that you are able to have a pleasant shopping experience. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, ideas, or opinions. We are always happy to hear any and all comments you might have!

Sincerely yours,

Edwin - Lead Designer & Unicorn Wrangler

Miki - Designer & Part-time Unicorn



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