Safety First - COVID 19

First and foremost, I want to assure you that we are responding to COVID-19 in a very serious way. As we continue to face the reality and uncertainty that COVID-19 presents, I want to take this time to remain transparent and communicate the precautions that Enfusia is taking to stay safe as well as provide a few resources in case you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19.

Enfusia is a workplace that ensures the safety of its employees. We are making sure to take the proper precautions (per CDC and WHO guidelines) while we deal with this situation. We are also an NSF certified facility which means that we adhere to a very strict protocol when manufacturing our products. Below are a few examples of our daily and weekly routine.


  • All hands must be washed upon entering the building and before reporting to work.
  • Employees must wear gloves and masks.
  • Sanitize all surfaces prior to and after we manufacture all products.
  • All raw ingredients have full traceability and all finished goods are lot coded for traceability too.


  • All floors and mats are cleaned and allowed to dry for 48 hours.
  • All packaging materials received are checked, logged, and input into our electronic database for traceability.
  • Any rejected or quality hold materials are logged out of “hold” and discarded.
  • All machine and equipment maintenance logs are reviewed.

Handmade in the USA

Our products are 100% made in Texas by people who live in our community. During this worldwide crisis, supply chains have been taxed and some in fact have been broken. I’m so proud that we source our ingredients from the USA.

Best Practices to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Minimize Your Exposure to it.

There are several recommended practices that you can do to reduce the chance of becoming sick and help prevent COVID-19 from spreading. For an in-depth review, we suggest reading the CDC's web page on prevention.

Cleanliness and hygiene is important! Wash your hands often. The CDC recommends you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If there's no soap available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as an alternative.

Additional measures to take.

  • Avoid close contact. Try to put a distance between yourself and others.
  • Stay home if you are sick unless you need medical attention.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes, throw used tissues away, and wash your hand immediately.
  • Wear a face mask if you are sick to help prevent getting other people sick.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Important Links to Stay Updated on COVID-19

Official CDC page with guidelines on how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you are sick.

Rolling Updates on COVID-19 as they happen. WHO


Sending prayers to you, your families, and our nation during this stressful time. Thank you for your belief in our products and our employees.

Debra Myers

CEO & Chief Excitement Officer